Building a World

Nothing is more exciting than create your own world. 
Leveraging the Blockchain
Digital Residency backed by a sovereign country
Browser-based metaverse experience


My Digital Twin in the Metaverse

Is it possible to live forever in the metaverse? To create a version of yourself that can continue to do things like create art? I'm not a 100% sure but there is one way to find out.

Using Unreal Engine and the Metahuman creator I have a digital twin of myself. Next, I am using ArcGIS data to create a world that is as large as our own but where the same rule of physics don't apply. Flight and underwater jugging are a must. - My First Virtual Art Gallery

What if you could build your own world? Create yourself in it. What would be rules? I want to fly in my world. I want the land to be untouched and buildings to float in the sky like Laputa.

This idea / prototype stage metaverse project is in development. Follow @edwinrogersvr for more.

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